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updated 21 Apr)

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Welcome to the crew page.

19 April - Sorry for the long spell without updates, we been busy! Projects have been going for the past 7 weeks now, and while some may fear that we won't get all the pieces back together, we will (I think!). The new rule is we have to finish 2 projects before starting any new ones.

 We have been doing many projects to improve the reliability and safety of the boat, fixing stuff that had been deferred for way to long. A sample of projects currently underway:

Like I said, we have been busy. We are planning on launching the boat on Monday May 2. As luck would have it, the marina is going to hang the boat in the slings so we can get the sanding under the pads finished, install the rudder and any final hull polishing.

The weekend of May 7 & 8 will be a big push to clean the boat completely, inside and out. The usual pressure washer routine to dig out the big fuzzy things, and an overall sterilizing of the interior.


28 Feb - We are starting work on the boat. Contact us for the schedule. We are working most weekends, so if you want to experience Bayfield in the spring, come on up!